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Begin Checkout

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Thank you for shopping at SassQueen Ceramics by Leigh Jackson!  I am delighted that you found something you liked and hope that you will come back and visit again soon!  Please follow us on FB and Twitter.

Refunds and Exchanges

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If an item reaches you in a damaged condition, I will be happy to exchange it for a replacement for a similar item of equal value. Please notify me within 3 business days of receipt if you receive a damaged item and ship it back to the studio. Buyer is responsible for the cost of return shipping. I do my […]

Payment Methods Notice

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I accept Paypal for payment, which also allows for payment with major credit cards. Your payment is due at the time you place your order. Payments not received within 2 days will result in a canceled transaction. Please contact me with any problems or concerns. You are welcome to call me with your credit card number if you do not […]

The Muse of Sensuality (the 1st ever made) :)

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The Muse of Sensuality Heart intact, wings spread, springtime of love.  The Muse of Sensuality. The Muse of Sensuality is 8 inches tall, made of stoneware, thrown on the wheel and altered.   She is the first Muse ever made at SassQueen Ceramics.  

The Muse of Trust

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The Muse of Trust. She opens the hearts of the walking wounded and reminds them how beautiful it feels to love and be loved.  She reminds us to live in the moment and to cherish each of those moments.  “I can’t take my eyes off you”. *lyric from the amazing musician Damien Rice The Muse of Trust is 7.5 inches […]

The Muse of Forgiveness

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I am The Muse of Forgiveness With love pouring out of me, I let go and move forward.  May I inspire forgiveness in your life. The Muse of Forgiveness is made of stoneware, 9 inches tall, thrown on the wheel and altered.

The Muse of All Things

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The Muse of All Things Event with her heart ripped from her “Maybe I’m Amazed” still filled her dreams.  The Muse of All Things is stoneware, 8 inches tall, thrown on the wheel and altered. **Note**  As you may or may not know, I write my life on the bottoms of my pieces.  I made this Muse when I was […]

The Muse of Hope

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The Muse of Hope I am the Muse of Hope.  I fill the quiet moments, the uncertain times, the unexpected, and nurse the heart.   I am always there. (This is what is written on the bottom of the Muse of Hope) The Muse of Hope is stoneware speckled clay, 5.5 inches tall, altered on the wheel.

The Muse of Grace

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The Muse of Grace is 10.5 inches tall, made with stoneware on the wheel and altered.


The Muses and I are honored, flushed, and beyond excited that we were selected for ““Best in Ho,” (our equivalent of overall best) the entry that dazzled us in every way, including craftsmanship, beauty, practicality, vagizness, and overall WOW factor” by The Bearded Iris and The Suniverse!!!

Craft Whores meet The Vagina Muses.

When my dear, sweet friend Laura Lee told me that The Bearded Iris and The Suniverse were holding a Craft Whores contest, I thought hmmm….  Is it time to share the Muses with the world?  Yes!!!  My family and friends have not known what to think of them for years, but I LOVE them.  I do!  Every time I look at them they […]

Product 2

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excerpt goes here

Ocean Blue Bowl

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Ocean Blue Bowl Let love light the way in everything you do!  (is written on the bottom of the piece) 10.5 x 11 x 3.5 this porcelain bowl is food, dishwasher and microwave safe.  

Back from Summer Vacation!

Hi! I hope you had a wonderful fun and sun filled summer!  Fall will be coming soon and with that brings new pieces out of the kiln!  I am so excited to share my new work with you each week!  Each time the kiln is opened I am like a kid on Christmas Day. What will it look like?  How […]


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See More Vases!

Last Day At The Beach

What a wonderful time in such a beautiful place! I have had a Thai massage – where you are pushed and pulled in all directions and feel like a million dollars afterwards, kayaked, snorkeled, taken a motorcycle all over the island, watched the preparation for serving food to the ancestors and leaving it on the alter (plus lighting fireworks early […]

More From the Sea

Yesterday all I did was blog in the morning and read all afternoon. The excitement of the day was the snake chasing the lizard up a tree, right in front of where i was laying, (of course) and everyone came to watch the 2 struggle and eventually watch it eat the lizard and head back up the tree. NOT ME! […]

The Andaman Sea

Tuk tuk to airplane to tiny airplane to mini-van to high speed motorboat to scooter, and we finally arrived here in Koh Phayam. PARADISE!!! It was a long adventure, but so, so, so, so worth it. Thank you Ina!! We found a little bamboo hut rustic resort, that is so cute, and here we are. Last night I picked the […]

Chiang Mai

In the morning we got up, geared up, took the bike out and went to see a waterfall before we headed to Chiang Mai. Afterwards we grabbed a tuk tuk and off we went to the airport. We landed in Chiang Mai to find even more smoke and pollution. We were heartbroken as we had heard so many amazing things […]

More Elephants!!!!

We have so many photos and videos. Here are a few more!

Bathing the Elephants and Golden Buddha Statues

The next morning we woke up early to watch the sunrise and bathe the elephants!! Our guide met us and we waited for the “ladies” to come out of the forrest. Once they did, we climbed on, and took them down to the river for a little bath. We had so much fun!!!! Once the bath was over they went […]

The Elephant Village

This adventure is in the top 5 things I have ever done, if not top 2. (Number 1 being helping my sister in the delivery room). Around 8:30am our guide, M came to our hotel to pick us up and take us to the Elephant Village. Once we were there we met the Elephants, learned their language, how to speak […]

Luang Prabang

We flew into Luang Prabang last night to find the area covered in a smoke or smog like haze. As there are only 6 million people in the whole country we did not think it could be smog but wondered what it could be. Turns out we are here during the 3 months when all the farmers burn the old […]

Adam Feeding the Monkeys

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Adam bought some bananas on the side of the road to feed the monkeys and their babies. It was so incredible!!! Your browser does not support the video tag

Siem Reap

After our crazy airport/plane adventure we landed in Cambodia to 90 degree temp and a big wonder about where to stay. Adam found us a taxi and the driver took us to 2 different hotels to check them out. We chose the Sandevi which is really lovely and has a wonderful pool for after you have seen the temples. The […]

Hoi An to Siem Reap!!!

The adventure of all adventures!!! We left Hoi An to go to the airport in Danang to fly to Laos. Once we got there had a beer and went to the gate as you do to only find out the flight has been delayed, which is a very uncommon occurrence in Vietnam. We went to get help, because now we […]

Explore Indochina

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As we are about to leave Vietnam, I must tell you the tour company, Explore Indochina, who set up and conducted our 3 wheeled adventure was AMAZING!!! We saw things we would have never seen on our own, had meals we would have never thought of or known to order, and experienced Vietnam in a way that most travelers never […]

For Sale On Sassqueen

Our guide and new friend heard me talk about my love for baskets and told me about how the women in his small farming village make beautiful baskets. He had some delivered to Hanoi for me to see, and they are beautiful. I have shipped most of them home but kept this one to use as my carry on. I […]

Where to stay….

When you come to Vietnam and find yourself in Hanoi or Hoi An we would love to recommend 2 places to stay. When you are in Hanoi the Golden Lotus is lovely with a warm and friendly staff. It is right in the heart of the Old Quarter and close to everything. When you are in Hoi An we loved […]

Chopstick Factory

Here are some photos and video of the factory… Your browser does not support the video tag

Hoi An

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After leaving the cold of the north and the frenetic of Hanoi we headed to Hoi An, a sweet little tourist town between the river and the beach that is a tropical paradise. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as there is so much history here. It is also the home of hundreds of tailors and cobblers that […]

Hanoi Traffic

Really, really insane!!!!! Your browser does not support the video tag

Bumpy Roads

From day 6, here is an example of what the roads were like… Your browser does not support the video tag

Day 7 – Last Day On Motorcycle in Vietnam

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After Mr. Rooster woke me up at 3am, I was a little grumpy so the amazing banana pancakes (from the bananas in the yard) with bacon was an exciting sight! After breakfast, off we went to head back to Hanoi, the dirtiest, most smog filled, exciting city I have ever been to. The thick layer of smog hangs over the […]