We are here!

We are here!

After flying for 19 hours, we are finally here! It was a long day, but amazing, and it is only day one!! We ate Korean food in Korea – sounds silly I know, but I was so excited to eat Kimchee in Korea! Now we are in Hanoi waiting for room service to bring up pho...
Vietnam- Here We Come!

Vietnam- Here We Come!

Wow!  It is finally here!  In 2 days we will board a plane for a 24 hour flight to Hanoi, Vietnam to begin our big three wheeled adventure on the Ho Chi Minh Trail!  I am so excited!!! It seems like only yesterday I was getting ready to walk 520 miles across Spain on...

Hasta luego

Hey Leigh and Adam – Great to have met you both – I hope yáll had a great last night in Santiago. I´ve got stuck at the end of the world – daily swims, sunsets with vino collapso, pimientos de padron and the best gambones ever – and a burning...

I am so proud to know you!!

Although of course I am proud of you, it is inspiring to read your posts and see all you have accomplished.  Most of all I am so excited to see you next week!!xoxoJen

Can’t wait to see you………

Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey with us all!  It has been such a gift to be able to go on this amazing adventure with you…….minus the blisters.  Looking forward to seeing more pictures and hearing more stories.  Let me know when you are ready for...

James Joyce

We walk through ourselves, meeting robbers, ghosts, giants, old men, young men, wives, widows, brothers-in-love. But always meeting ourselves.

Hello Gorgeous!

Just wanted to let you know that I am having lunch with you today.  I love that we are able to catch up via the interweb. It sounds like you are loving it even with the blisters. We are missing you!  love to you both!  Lisa Marie, Trey and Margo

we sang this hymn on sunday!

sing out praises for the journey, pilgrims, we who venture forth, searchers in the soul’s deep yearnings, like our forebears in their time. we seek out the spirit’s wholeness in the endless human quest. look inside, your soul’s the kindling of the fire our forebears...

Hey Leigh

Hey Leigh, I’m loving reading about your trip. It sounds amazing. Keep posting and walking! Let’s meet up when you get back—I want to hear all the stories! —Alex


Leigh & Adam –  So proud of both of you for doing this journey.  I can’t imagine all the things you’re seeing & feeling on this trip.  Much love to both of you !!!  xoxo Holly

my goodness…..

there is no one quite like miss jackson. darling you are so amazing and that picture of you holding the glass of bubbles made me laugh out loud!! i love you and i miss you so very much….. smooches to you two x x x

Thinking of you!

Love, love seeing all the stories and photographs of your adventure love – so proud of you for doing this and just cannot wait to hear about it all first hand! Lots and lots of love from me and the boys xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hooray from Josee

Leigh!  This is Josee from Nashville’s Musicians on Call!  I’m so proud of you.  I’m very inspired by your walk and am with you in spirit and in strength.  I look forward to knowing more about this wonderful journey that you are on and seeing the pictures. Safe...

Hello from Brooklyn!

Hello Leigh & Adam! Loving reading your blog and see the fantastic photos.  I just got the Paolo Cohelo book and am enjoying it!  Missing you and keep posting! xo Diana

I love looking at your pictures

leigh…i love looking at your pictures and perusing your posts. it looks like you are having a wonderful adventure, which just fits perfectly with your life. love and miss you, and love hearing your voice through your typed words. xoxo monique

Love from the Big Apple

Leigh, Adam – i’m so impressed, your trip so far sounds like a dream and i’ve loved reading your entire blog! I am now craving some Cava and Tapas. keep posting the photos please – the scenery is stunning and i love to picture where you both are! i’m...

Missing You and Thinking of You in Atlanta!!!

Adam and Leigh, I was thinking of you and missing you both this weekend, so I thought I’d say Hola!  Looks like the trip is progessing well with lots of fun and randomness!  Keep the news coming….Leigh, your blog is terrific!  Love, Bridget

I miss you

Loving the tales and the pictures. you both look happy and healthy. what else to say but I miss and love you. keep safe and keep smiling. xxxx

Great stuff Leigh!

Photos and updates are awesome- you and your phone fingers are working so hard! Makes one thirsty for wine, even if it is 10am Sunday morning EST. -BP

Good Luck!

I hadn’t heard from you in a while and called Sally, she told me what you guys are doing and I am so jealous!  Have a wonderful time, I will be following the rest of your journey!  Love Steph

Sending lots of love

Hello Leigh and Adam, I am so happy to see your photographs and read about your incredible journey! I hope your feet are feeling better. Immerse yourself in every solitary second of your amazing, inspiring adventure. Drink some vino for me! Sending lots of love from...

Cocktails On Fire

That evening we went out for cocktails with our other Pilgrim friends. We had this incredible drink that was on...

It is done.

The Camino is done and tomorrow we head home. We have been gone for 7 weeks and it has been one of the most amazing journeys of my life. I have to say that I could not have made it without Adam. He has been my rock, my guide, my translator, the team leader and my best...


At the end of the Camino many pilgrims walk to Finisterre – which means “the end of the earth.” Adam and I decided to rent a car and drive to see it, and some other stops along the way. It was gorgeous!! I will say that we both agreed that our feet were too...

Santiago contin…

As I stood in the church Adam went and found us a place to stay, as he always does, bless him. We have stayed in Albergues, Hostals, Pensions and Hotels along the way, but today he selected the hotel of all hotels in Spain, The Parador- Los Reyes Catolicos. It is the...

We did it!!!

We arrived in Santiago at 12:12 yesterday! What an amazing and surreal feeling. After wanting, hoping, dreaming and praying, we arrived in Santiago to walk though a small festival outside a little church, where they were making homemade churros, cookies cakes for the...

Double Digits

The scallop shell, the other marking of the camino, letting us know how far we have left to go before we get there. It is amazing to finally be in the double...