Day 4 – Capestang to Le Somail

We arrived in Le Somail after what seem lke a walk walk that took forever! We started the day with delicious pastries and a short walk through town. Once we reached the canal we were greeted by a few ducks and fed them a little petite d’jonour and off we went. We had a lovely, lovely walk however we ran […]

Collioure and off to Sete

Before leaving the Perpignan area we had the grand opportunity to visit Collioure, a gorgeous small town on the sea. My pictures don’t do it justice at all as it is stunning. We sat on the shore at a little cafe and I thought to myself- “Self, I could really get used to this!”                  

Day 3 – Beziers to Capestang


Day 2 – Agde to Beziers

In the early morning we left the Gothic Hotel, had a coffee and a pastry, and left to find the Canal du Midi Leaving Agde to Beziers we saw the only round lock in the world. It acts like a round about, but only for water. It is really incredible! We began our walk on the Canal du Midi and […]

Day 1 – Sete to Agde

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Once we arrived in Sete, we found a little hotel and waited for Adam’s niece to arrive on the train for dinner. We went to a great little seafood restaurant and then raced to get her back on the train. The next day is when the adventure really started. We began our walk to find that we could not go […]

Mas Baux

Working in NYC at Berluti, a fabulous French men”s shoe company with a very rich history, and extremely nice shoes, allowed me to meet many amazing people. One of those people happened to be a wonderful woman whose parents have a vineyard in Perpignan called  Mas Baux.  “Just a stone‚Äôs throw from the Mediterranean, mid-way between Perpignan and Canet resort, […]

Barcelona to Figures to Perpignan

Figueres is the Home of the Dali Museum and the toy Museum, and they both are incredible Dali’s work is beyond words. It is inspiring as it is creative, and of course,  EXTREMELY unique!!! To have this kind of talent…..I can’t even imagine! An instillation on the outside of the Museum A small sculpture I loved! The heart of the museum […]

Barcelona = Lost Luggage

Well it has not started off as smoothly as we had hoped. We arrived at the airport to find out that our flight was delayed and we would miss our connection. So, we hopped on the phone and were re-routed through Frankfort, only to find that was as far as we could go and they were not sure when we […]

From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic

Oh! The Places You’ll Go! – Dr. Seuss We are walking across France! From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic!! I am so excited! Soon we will be walking a little over 300 miles from Sete to Bordeaux along the Canal du Midi which is absolutely gorgeous! We have had so many friends and family tell us that they enjoy reading […]

Summer is in full swing!

Summer is here and I absolutely love it! I am in the mountains of NC and falling in love with mountain living!!! From waking up and having coffee on the lake to meeting my neighbor who sells me “yard eggs” and is going to teach me how to pickle and can, to attending Community College for pottery, to learning how […]