We have had a change of plans…

“Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” – Mark Twain. And what a strange and wonderful short journey we had! After getting the bike started, we headed out for TN to Chattanooga and then on to Arkansas to see the Crystal Bridges Museum. We stayed at the most fabulous […]

Oh! What An Adventure!!

Hello!! Sorry for the delay! It has been a very busy few days!!! After the weather finally cleared, we loaded up the Ural to head out and hit the Trans America Trail. Adam has spent over a month working on and improving the bike. I have to say that my most favorite improvements are the heated seats in the sidecar, […]

The Map for the Trans-America Trail

The Trans-America Trail

We are about to head out on The Trans-America Trail on the Ural with the sidecar!!!  Please come back to go on this amazing journey with us and to see photos along the way! Much love to all, Leigh and Adam  xx The Trans-America Trail is a west bound ride across America. The Trail starts in Southeastern Tennessee, and ends at the […]

New Motto For A New Year!!!

This is going to be a wonderful year!!!  And, below is my motto for this fabulous year! This year there will be more Muses, new lines of dinnerware, more eggs and all around more beautiful things to live life with! Sending you much love!  Look for new work coming soon! xx Leigh  


The Muses and I are honored, flushed, and beyond excited that we were selected for ““Best in Ho,” (our equivalent of overall best) the entry that dazzled us in every way, including craftsmanship, beauty, practicality, vagizness, and overall WOW factor” by The Bearded Iris and The Suniverse!!!

Craft Whores meet The Vagina Muses.

When my dear, sweet friend Laura Lee told me that The Bearded Iris and The Suniverse were holding a Craft Whores contest, I thought hmmm….  Is it time to share the Muses with the world?  Yes!!!  My family and friends have not known what to think of them for years, but I LOVE them.  I do!  Every time I look at them they […]

Back from Summer Vacation!

Hi! I hope you had a wonderful fun and sun filled summer!  Fall will be coming soon and with that brings new pieces out of the kiln!  I am so excited to share my new work with you each week!  Each time the kiln is opened I am like a kid on Christmas Day. What will it look like?  How […]

Last Day At The Beach

What a wonderful time in such a beautiful place! I have had a Thai massage – where you are pushed and pulled in all directions and feel like a million dollars afterwards, kayaked, snorkeled, taken a motorcycle all over the island, watched the preparation for serving food to the ancestors and leaving it on the alter (plus lighting fireworks early […]

More From the Sea

Yesterday all I did was blog in the morning and read all afternoon. The excitement of the day was the snake chasing the lizard up a tree, right in front of where i was laying, (of course) and everyone came to watch the 2 struggle and eventually watch it eat the lizard and head back up the tree. NOT ME! […]

The Andaman Sea

Tuk tuk to airplane to tiny airplane to mini-van to high speed motorboat to scooter, and we finally arrived here in Koh Phayam. PARADISE!!! It was a long adventure, but so, so, so, so worth it. Thank you Ina!! We found a little bamboo hut rustic resort, that is so cute, and here we are. Last night I picked the […]