Pilgrim Passports

Getting our Pilgrim Passports stamped at our new favorite bar! (we do this wherever we go as you must show this when you get to...

Music, food and Paulo Coehlo

After the lovely evening of sleeping under the stars we had a gorgeous walk through Catrojeriz on our way to Boadillo del Camino. Catrojeriz is a town at the foot of a mountain in the shape of a half moon. Adam and I loved it. We found the greatest bar and had some...

On Parade

This is the float that the cathedral uses for their parade. Pawleys Island SC would never be the same if I pulled up in this for their Annual 4th of July Parade – but oh! wouldn’t it be...

Hello from Sahgun del Campo!

Hello there! There is so much to share and not much at all. Since I last wrote we have been to Granon, and dined in an exclusive gentlemans club(not strip bar but a real club where old Spanish men talk and play cards and eat) called The Syndicate, then walked to...

Thinking of you.

I sure hope the good is outweighing the bad & I hope your feet are cooperating. I can’t wait to see all the pictures and hear all the tales of the walk.  love, Shelley

Wow from Germany

So I finally figured out that you have a blog! Have been reading for hours here and I am so impressed and happy for you that you really did it! Enjoy the special time you both are having and the great experience. You are so close to my house – if you want a soft...

How ya doing?

My feet are aching for you!  I hope that the walk is going well. I love being updated.  I feel like I run to the computer daily to hear the new latest and greatest!  Keep walking!  Love you, SSJK

Good Morning!

Just a happy hello from Najera! We are well and on our way to Santo Domingo de Calzadilla! Hope you have a great day, and by the way please know I am doing all of this from the phone, so please excuse my writing and mistakes! Xxx to you!

my angel

Oh girl .. how’s the tootsies .. I hope you are amazing .. best to Adam .. sending you love . Long crazy weekend of filming reality show .. amazing things . Missing your laugh and hugs . Love you so much . Lauren

Keep on singing!!

Lovely Leigh, thinking every day of you and Adam and the amazing journey you’ve embarked on together! Just keep smiling, singing and taking in each and every moment… I love you, I’m so proud of you!! Jenn Xoxoxoxo


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photos & updates.  It sounds like you both are having such a wonderful experience and I’m sorry about your feet. Sending tons of love to you both ! xoxoxo

Hello again!!!!

Since then we had had 2 more days on the road and now are in El Torro Del Rio. On the walk from Estella here we not only passed our 100km mark but we also passed a free water and wine fountain as we are very close to the Rioja region! It was fantastic. The wine was a...

The Enchanted Forrest

Today we walked though an enchanted forrest. I know that sounds a bit weird to some, but you can feel something is different the minute you walk through them. We also went over the bridge that after you cross over it and walk around the bottom you will be rabies...

On the Camino Frances!!!

We took a cab from Pamplona to Roncelsvallles today to begin our walk, and what a gorgeous walk it was! We saw the church of the pilgrims that was built around 1127 as well as the land where the battle of Charlemagne’s troops took place in 778. I have read that it is...