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Explore Indochina

Posted by on March 06, 2012 in Travel | 1 Comment

As we are about to leave Vietnam, I must tell you the tour company, Explore Indochina, who set up and conducted our 3 wheeled adventure was AMAZING!!! We saw things we would have never seen on our own, had meals we would have never thought of or known to order, and experienced Vietnam in a way that most travelers never […]

For Sale On Sassqueen

Our guide and new friend heard me talk about my love for baskets and told me about how the women in his small farming village make beautiful baskets. He had some delivered to Hanoi for me to see, and they are beautiful. I have shipped most of them home but kept this one to use as my carry on. I […]

Where to stay….

When you come to Vietnam and find yourself in Hanoi or Hoi An we would love to recommend 2 places to stay. When you are in Hanoi the Golden Lotus is lovely with a warm and friendly staff. It is right in the heart of the Old Quarter and close to everything. When you are in Hoi An we loved […]

Chopstick Factory

Here are some photos and video of the factory… Your browser does not support the video tag

Hoi An

Posted by on March 05, 2012 in Travel | 1 Comment

After leaving the cold of the north and the frenetic of Hanoi we headed to Hoi An, a sweet little tourist town between the river and the beach that is a tropical paradise. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as there is so much history here. It is also the home of hundreds of tailors and cobblers that […]

Hanoi Traffic

Really, really insane!!!!! Your browser does not support the video tag

Bumpy Roads

From day 6, here is an example of what the roads were like… Your browser does not support the video tag

Day 7 – Last Day On Motorcycle in Vietnam

Posted by on March 04, 2012 in Travel | 1 Comment

After Mr. Rooster woke me up at 3am, I was a little grumpy so the amazing banana pancakes (from the bananas in the yard) with bacon was an exciting sight! After breakfast, off we went to head back to Hanoi, the dirtiest, most smog filled, exciting city I have ever been to. The thick layer of smog hangs over the […]

Day 6

I posted the pictures a few days ago but we have been going so hard that I have not had time to write. As you can see Day 6 was quite an adventure! We woke up in the muddiest town ever, got our stuff together and went and met Cuong for Phó and a Coke.. So good! And the off […]

Adam Giving Superballs to Local Kids

Your browser does not support the video tag

Photos of Day 6

An incredible, incredible day!

Photos from Day 5

Posted by on March 01, 2012 in Travel | 1 Comment

Here are a few photos from our day. At breakfast…Local people checking out the bike…Local man lifting 2 little pigs in baskets…doing shots of Ginseng moonshine with the locals  

Photos from day 4

Here are a few photos from day 4…

Day 4 and 5 on the bike

Day 4 was amazing! Climbing mountains on rocky roads, having to move rocks from a dynamite explosion so we could get through, Adam almost hit 2 chickens riding down the road, went to the cave where Ho Chi Minh lived for a week when he came back from China, I drove the bike through a sugarcane field which was a […]

Photos From Homestay

From the lovely family we stayed with.

Photos from day 2 and 3

Meeting folks along the way….

Day 2 and 3

We are now in Cao Bang (at least that is where I think we are!.) The last 2 days have been amazing!!! We have driven over ROUGH roads, lots of mud, dodged water buffalo, pigs, dogs and chickens in the road. We have waved at countless beautiful, smiling Vietnamese kids. Each one saying Hello! in English and so happy to […]

Day One On The Trail

…So after about 20 minutes of weaving in and out of the most insane traffic, we heard a loud pop. Our guide Mr. Cuong’s motorcycle had just died. (Adam did an amazing job getting us out of Hanoi btw. Once i get the video of the traffic posted you will see why this is such a HUGE deal! Anytime in […]

Halong Bay

Mystical, magical, breathtaking. These are just a few words to describe Halong Bay. After a 4 hour bus ride where we watched cars, scooters, walkers and bicyclists share the road in a way Adam and I have ever seen before, (with no yelling or cursing I might add) a tourist stop where we watched people carve statues for your yard […]


I am honestly at a loss of words on how to describe Hanoi. Busy, hectic, crazy, energetic, none of those words begin to help me describe the fast pace way of life here! Walking across the street is one of the most intimidating things to try and do… You look at no one, as cars and scooters zoom by and […]

We are here!

After flying for 19 hours, we are finally here! It was a long day, but amazing, and it is only day one!! We ate Korean food in Korea – sounds silly I know, but I was so excited to eat Kimchee in Korea! Now we are in Hanoi waiting for room service to bring up pho soup and a beer […]

Vietnam- Here We Come!

Wow!  It is finally here!  In 2 days we will board a plane for a 24 hour flight to Hanoi, Vietnam to begin our big three wheeled adventure on the Ho Chi Minh Trail!  I am so excited!!! It seems like only yesterday I was getting ready to walk 520 miles across Spain on the Camino de Santiago!  Oh how […]

I love looking at your pictures

leigh…i love looking at your pictures and perusing your posts. it looks like you are having a wonderful adventure, which just fits perfectly with your life. love and miss you, and love hearing your voice through your typed words. xoxo monique

I miss you

Loving the tales and the pictures. you both look happy and healthy. what else to say but I miss and love you. keep safe and keep smiling. xxxx

Cocktails On Fire

That evening we went out for cocktails with our other Pilgrim friends. We had this incredible drink that was on fire!!!

Blue Sky

The blue sky is just amazing!


I feel so close to heaven here.

End of the Earth

The final marker that says 0km left to go. You really are at the “end of the earth” or at least the Camino!

The Church

This gives you a better idea of how huge it is!


Finally!!!!!!! We are here!!!

So Close

Right outside of Santiago!!!!

Double Digits

The scallop shell, the other marking of the camino, letting us know how far we have left to go before we get there. It is amazing to finally be in the double digits!!


Have no idea what this was or is used for but thought it was very interesting!

Lunch Today

Today we dangled our feet from small old stone bridge and had our snack. This was our view. There is a weather front over Spain right now (from the Sahara) and we have record breaking high temperatures! I think it is well in the 80’s!!