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Castilla y Leon

Entering a new Provence.

Wonky Picture, Windy Road

A bit wonky, but I liked it. 🙂

Fighting to the death – over a town

Climbing another hill.. Where the you see the cross happens to be the site of a famous fight where 2 men fought to the death over a town – using only their hands.


Rioja vineyards and the mtns topped with snow.

More Rain

The rain that would not stop….

El Torro Del Rio

A Spanish little town along The Way with lovely people.

Following the Milky Way to Santiago

The sculpture dedicated to the pilgrims following the Milky Way on the top of the mountain.


The massive, massive windmills.


Over the bridge…

The Enchanted Forrest

Today we walked though an enchanted forrest. I know that sounds a bit weird to some, but you can feel something is different the minute you walk through them. We also went over the bridge that after you cross over it and walk around the bottom you will be rabies free!!! (thought that was something you don’t see every day.) […]


Tickets are booked and we are getting excited!!  I am breaking in my shoes and pack and now trying to figure out what to take with me!!!