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Barcelona to Figures to Perpignan

Figueres is the Home of the Dali Museum and the toy Museum, and they both are incredible Dali’s work is beyond words. It is inspiring as it is creative, and of course,  EXTREMELY unique!!! To have this kind of talent…..I can’t even imagine! An instillation on the outside of the Museum A small sculpture I loved! The heart of the museum […]

Cocktails On Fire

That evening we went out for cocktails with our other Pilgrim friends. We had this incredible drink that was on fire!!!

Blue Sky

The blue sky is just amazing!


I feel so close to heaven here.

End of the Earth

The final marker that says 0km left to go. You really are at the “end of the earth” or at least the Camino!

The Church

This gives you a better idea of how huge it is!


Finally!!!!!!! We are here!!!

So Close

Right outside of Santiago!!!!

Double Digits

The scallop shell, the other marking of the camino, letting us know how far we have left to go before we get there. It is amazing to finally be in the double digits!!


Have no idea what this was or is used for but thought it was very interesting!

Lunch Today

Today we dangled our feet from small old stone bridge and had our snack. This was our view. There is a weather front over Spain right now (from the Sahara) and we have record breaking high temperatures! I think it is well in the 80’s!!


Seriously, never eating lamb again!!! They are so precious!

Old Towns

We have walked through old, old towns…

Farm Animals

Here we are trying to get out of the way! Here come the cows, sheep and baby lambs!!! I will never eat lamb again!!! Look how cute they are!!!!!

Stones and Fields

Stepping on stones….and crossing fields…

Down, Down, Down

Down the mountain we go!


From the very top with the sun coming up!

Cold Mountain Water

Dipped my head in a fountain on the side of the road with cold, cold water running from the top of the mountain and hoping I will make it!

Through My Eyes

More of what I am seeing as I climb…

1/2 Way Up

Mid mountain, not happy and not sure I will make it. The marker says 152 km to Santiago…


The view on the way up.

More Mountains

Climbing yet another massive mountain!

At The Top

The Knights Templar castle in Ponferrada.

The View

From the top of a mountain today.

The Iron Cross

This iron cross is the highest point on the Camino and every pilgrim places a rock from their hometown here. Adam and I placed our rocks today and I said a prayer for you, me, peace for our world and healing for the earth.


Here’s to you!! (not sure what this was)


An angel in Astorga

Modern Monk

Me with a modern day monk who had a little cart with OJ, teas and cookies and such for the pilgrims.

Yellow Arrow

At one of the many crosses along the camino. The yellow arrow is how every pilgrim finds their way. I am sure I will be looking for them when I get back to Atlanta. The stones are placed by the pilgrims as markers that they were there.


The sun coming up outside Leon.


The huge nests of the storks!! We see them in every town we go! To hear a Stork clap his/her beak is AMAZING!!!


We found the Hobbits!!! They are actually houses that store wine but a few had TV antennas so I am not 100% sure Frodo and Sam aren’t living there!

You Must Visit This Bar!

At one of our new favorite bars!

What Champagne & a great steak will do!

My feet may have blisters, but life is still sooo good!

The Way Down

On our way down… We did it!!!