Craft Whores meet The Vagina Muses.

When my dear, sweet friend Laura Lee told me that The Bearded Iris and The Suniverse were holding a Craft Whores contest, I thought hmmm….  Is it time to share the Muses with the world?  Yes!!!  My family and friends have not known what to think of them for years, but I LOVE them.  I do!  Every time I look at them they make me smile from ear to ear.  Made on the pottery wheel and then modified to have wonky vaginas for heads and vaginas/wings on their backs, they are my Muses of  Love, Hope, Sexuality and more.  Not only are they are feast for the eyes, they can also be used for everyday things around the house…Flowers, kitchen tools, pasta, ink pens and more!

Ladies, please meet the Vagina Muses.


Bless Their Sweet Little Butts, Not To Mention Their Wings!

The Muses At The Stove

Feeling Italian!

Oh! Look What They Can Hold!

The Vagina Muses

The Muses of Love, Grace & Forgiveness


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