In the early morning we left the Gothic Hotel, had a coffee and a pastry, and left to find the Canal du Midi

Leaving Agde to Beziers we saw the only round lock in the world. It acts like a round about, but only for water. It is really incredible! We began our walk on the Canal du Midi and we were both thrilled to be off the highway, next to the water and on our way. The first section of the canal, although extremely lovely, had a lot of boats that desperately in need of repair, or you would see garbage in the water. I can not tell you how much that bothers me. Plastic in the water and the people that put it there, but no soapboxing today. The trees that line the canal are absolutely stunning but they are having a huge challenge with them right now. More on that later. 

We made our way to Beziers and met Johnny Howard, who used to play professional rugby. He now has a lovely little bar. We then left to find a lovely little hotel, some dinner and much needed sleep.


Hotel in Agde



The only round lock


Starting our walk along the canal


The 300 year old trees being cut down all aling the canal.


Breakfast on the Canal




my feet needed a little break







we tried the most sour gum ever!!!!!


 We made it, and my feet needed a beer! 

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