Today we got to relax a little and spend some time in Lutz. Lutz is a sweet little town that is known slate mining. We really enjoyed the owner Sonnenblick Hotel, Bern. He and his staff could not have made us feel more welcome or treated us any better.

Late in the afternoon we went back to the motorcycle shop, Motorradsport Schmidt, the best bike shop ever, ever ever, only to find out that the issue with the wheel was a little bigger than we thought. Unfortunately they are going to have to keep the bike for a while. We are so thankful for their team and grateful for all they did to help us. We are a little bummed though, as we have planned for months and months, bought all new gear and were really excited to see Germany/Hungary/Czech Republic on the bike.

We decided to spend one more night in Lutz to figure out what is next…


This is one of my new favorite beers!

The map of Lutz and the Mosel River

Our new friends at Motorradsport Schmitt

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