Meet Me

Leigh JacksonYou know how people say: “The joy is the journey and life is a collection of experiences?”…well if that’s true then my life is a traveling scrapbook.  Only I don’t keep a scrapbook.  Instead I inscribe a few thoughts, hopes and dreams on the bottoms of my pots.

I am a Southerner from Danville VA/Pawleys Island SC and although I have lived in Los Angeles, Italy and NYC, I am always a Southern girl at heart.  My work is influenced by growing up on the South Carolina coast and always having my toes in the sand.

To know just a little more about me…my life is filled with strong beautiful women.  We lift each other up and support one another, and because of this, I am who I am.  I love life.  I know people say that, but I really do.  I love art.  My life has always been influenced by people that made beautiful things and cooked beautiful meals for people they love.  I love love.  I love being in love, falling in love, and just grateful for the love I have in my life.  Each day I rise with hope and faith in my heart and each night I lay my head down with hope and faith in tomorrow, even when life is tough.  Good days, bad days, or in-between days, I write them all on the bottoms of my pots.

Things that make me happy: Gardeniashigh heels, laughing till my stomach hurtsVeuve Clicquotsinging karaoke, my little convertible, Japanese foodwalking through Central Park in the snow, holding my Grandmothers hand in church, Chanel perfumeThe Blue Nile and having my hands in clay (there are so many more). Living everyday life with things that are handmade with love, brings me great joy.

I truly believe that: Life is lived forwards and understood backwards (Søren Kierkegaard).