Leigh Jackson


I grew up in a small tobacco town in southern Virginia.  While I was in college I won a contest off the radio to meet Sting, and from there my life took a completely different turn. Music, marketing and non-profits were my life for many amazing years. It was along that journey in Los Angeles, NYC, Italy, and Atlanta that I began to help people and artists achieve their dreams and tell their stories. Now residing in Asheville NC, that passion continues. As a consultant, I want to hear your story, and help you share your story, and as a potter I like to share mine with you. Whether that is in business, on the bottoms of the pots I make, or visiting with people around the world, sharing our hearts bring us closer together, and help us to find the common thread we all share.

I have a strong desire to see the world and meet people in all of the far off lands I visit. It is in my blog where I share of my travels.

I truly believe that: Life is lived forwards and understood backwards (Søren Kierkegaard).